Friday, March 20, 2009

fluid in my alveoli

I have pneumonia.
So I've been laying in bed all week.

It's really lame.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Twice this week I have ended up at a sort of party saying, "Dammit! I forgot my camera!" I'd love to tell all about my experiences, but the thing is I would really rather post a couple pictures than conjure up several thousand words. So at this point, I'm just going to tell you this:

Does your mind ever get stuck on a word? Maybe a street name, a kind of beer, a funny word like 'slacks' or 'after'?

This week I met Eugenio, the owner of Trinacria Ristorante Italiano, and his name won't leave my mouth! Eugenio. "Ay-oo-gen-i-yo." You say it fast and loud, like a rollercoaster. The "ay" and "oo" sounds are the last couple clicks at the very top of the hill, and then comes the freefall of "genio." It's so fun I just can't stand it!

I took Eugenio's arm and told him, "I know one Italian word. Attraversiamo!" He giggled and said, "Letza cross the street-a!"

I told him that since moving to Olympia I have wanted to come to his restaurant, but whenever I think of it I'm with a friend and we're both in jeans and we say, "Oh, some other time."
Eugenio told me, "You can come in jeanza! Doesn't matta..." and basically convinced me with his insistance, "we have da best-a foo-da, da best-a price-a!" Then he and a waitress revealed to me the table that they have set up in the kitchen for family or people who come alone so that they can be part of the hustle and bustle of the kitchen! I may go in alone sometime, but I definitely won't be lonely!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

for fun

bring out your tiny violin

I'm feeling 'eh' and can't put my finger on it.
It feels like I've lost something, and when I try to figure out what that is, it leads to a slow and gentle depression of my spirits because, as it turns out, it could be caused by any number of those things in life that aren't the way I would like them to be. I miss my family. it feels like I haven't talked to any of them in a really long time. phone calls with my cousin, my gramma, my sister, my mom, they used to be quite frequent... it's my fault I know. I am usually the one who makes the call (maybe 75% of the time) and I haven't been doing that because... I don't know. I haven't been talking to anyone. this is a pretty clear indicator of the state of my mental health. I guess I just feel pretty isolated. I'm frustrated with working so much because it doesn't leave much time for fun, and also I work during the hours of the day when it's light out, so after that I don't have many options. I could (and sometimes do) take the bus downtown, but I'm a little apprehensive about walking home in the dark from the bus stop since I live in perhaps the scariest neighborhood in Lacey. this leads to hours spent alone in my bedroom, which really isn't good for me at this point. last night i finished my book and colored a picture in my new strawberry shortcake coloring book, but i would have rather been doing something fun with friends. today is my day off and i went to bed at like 9 last night. lame.

on the brighter side, i'm looking forward to having this weekend off and doing something fun. not sure exactly what yet.