Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Connection #1

How is it that I can still be so amazed at how good, great, and glorious God is? I would think that after everything He has done for me I would just stop being so surprised! Oh, such a long way to go...

So, last night my (parent's) neighbors Dave and Carol had a barbecue and from their back yard I saw a young couple working in their yard a few houses down. I asked Carol if we could invite them over, and of course she said yes, so I went down and knocked on their door. Well, they ended up coming and long story short, Chuck, the husband, used to be on staff at an A29 church in St. Louis! Now he works at the Methodist church down the street, but (coming from an A29 background) finds it a bit lacking. I told them (Betsy and Chuck) about Soma and missional communities and Soma School and I think we're all pretty excited.
I was hoping to start a missional community-type get together and I think they would be very interested. They already have fellowship-type gatherings with younger adults every so often.

Again, I can hardly believe, yet at the same time I can totally believe that these people are my neighbors and that I met them ONE WEEK after moving back home. God is so good.... I prayed and my church family prayed that God would be preparing the way and going ahead of me, but this is crazy. Makes me remember that (oh, hi, my name is hannah) it's not all about me, and that the plans God is laying out are for something so much bigger and greater than I could even imagine. I am so excited to see what He has in store for this city, and so glad that I get to be a part of it.

(family praying for/sending Erika and I)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

t minus seven days

I'm moving back to Pennsylvania in a week. I believe that I have, in effect, "turned down" my emotional dial so that I am able to deal with this without melting into a messy puddle. It's exciting and right. I'll be heading back to friends and family and to pursue the career that I know I was made for, but at the same time it's another move, another transition, leaving the family I've made and the family that I moved here to create.