Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hawai'i Day 1

OK. Hannah's Hawai`i vacation contest: Who can guess what body part I forgot to put sunscreen on my first day here and now is crazy red-purple? I'll randomly choose a winner from the correct guesses. Winner gets a present from Maui.

(also doing this on f-book)

Hawai`i Day 2

Yesterday definitely felt like vacation. Quick recap: I took the city bus down the road a few miles to meet Nickolai and Jenny for brunch at Da Kitchen, a restaurant that has pretty yummy Hawaiian food. It was so awesome to see friends from back home (weird... i guess "back home #2") in Hawai`i! Turns out they were here for the same reason I am: they wanted to visit for cheap before moving to the east coast. So cool. After our meal they left for the airport even though I tried to convince them to skip their flight and stay for a few more days. :) [Jenny gave me a gift too! Stedman's Medical Dictionary, a book she was given her first year of med school. So sweet.] I walked across the road from Da Kitchen to Kamaole Beach 1. It was so beautiful!!! (again, pictures to come.) I laid out for a little, waded in the water a little, and then started making my way back up S. Kihei Drive towards M's house. On the way I stopped at Starbucks (ha! Starbucks Maui), Shaka Pizza, and several open-air markets. By the time I got back home it was afternoon (that was the goal... didn't want to lay out during prime sun hours and get scorched my first day.) so I dropped off some of the heavier items I was carrying, grabbed a beach mat, and went across the street to a different beach. And what to my wondering eyes did appear but dozens of hot men in water sport gear! There were guys windsurfing, and also kitesurfing, which I had never seen before, but was sooo amazing! There were a couple guys out there who got so much air they would fly for maybe 20 seconds. Crazy! I mean, haven't you always wanted to fly? To be picked up by your kite or umbrella Mary Poppins style and just float with the breeze? These guys were doing that! (and they were hot.) Marianne met me at that beach when she got off work and we sat around a bit and then left to meet her nieces at a hula. Let me just say, I wish I could shake my hips like that. Again, crazy.

So, that's about it. Today I'm adventuring with M's friend Eddy (kayaking? snorkeling? not sure, but I'll report later!)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hawai`i Day 1

I just woke up all groggy from jet lag and sinus pressure and I was feeling a little hungover, despite not having anything last night to make me feel that way. And then... I remembered... I'm in Hawaii!!! I'm not going to spend much time blogging because I just must get outside as soon as possible, but I wanted to update.

I got in last night around 6pm and Marianne met me at the airport with a beautiful (real!) lei. So cool. [The flight was a good balance between great and horrible. I sat with a normal girl about my age coming to visit her friend. The middle seat between us was empty so we got to put our purses there and sit in more comfortable positions. And there were two little kids behind us who screamed the whole time and kicked our seats for 6 hours)

We first went to Marianne's house where she lives with her sister to drop off a couple things, and then up the road to Kalama Beach Park to meet Marianne's friends Sami and Saul who are young travelers who currently live in their truck at the beach. They were there, along with a few other folks, and soon we all walked down towards the water and started a drum circle. It was great.

After jamming at the drum circle, M and I went to go visit her friend Eddy who lives in "the box" as M's sister calls it, or "the bungalo" as I call it. I forget the Hawaiian name, but basically land and property is so expensive that people rent out these great little baby houses in their back yards (like these tiny homes.) Ed has kayaks. :) woot.

That' all for now, I've gotta get outside!

Meeting my friends Nicolai and Jenny for bruch at 11. So cool.

Friday, April 17, 2009

6/14 rochester or 6/16 pittsburgh. who's up?

(leaning towards pittsburgh)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I'm going to Hawaii! I'm going to Hawaii!

i can hardly believe it. more info to come.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And here comes another one

I'm not exactly sure what's up with the complete lack of blogging... my guess is that my brain just needed some time to assimilate all the new information that i've gathered over the past couple weeks.


As previously mentioned, I applied to UW, SMS, and LECOM. In the midst of those applications I figured out what I want to do (at least clearly enough to take a step forward, not saying that won't adapt as time goes on) and then 1. stopped applying to UW, 2. withdrew my application from SMS, and 3. hoped that LECOM would let me in. And by hoped I mean panicked.
Thankfully, they were merciful and I have been accepted to LECOM's class of 2013!

What this means (etc.):
  • I'll be moving back to Pennsylvania on May 19 so that I have time to get settled, find an apartment, etc.
  • I have decided to become a part of LECOM's Problem Based Learning pathway, and I'm pretty excited about it! LECOM describes it this way: "Teams of eight medical students study medical cases as they progress through modules of the core curriculum and systems of the body. Together, PBL students research the basic and clinical sciences, and they solve the problem presented by the patient’s case." What that essentially means is that instead of sitting in a classroom all day every day and doing med school similarly to the way I did college (some might say "binge and purge"), I'll be meeting with other students and a facilitator 3 times a week for 2 hours each to discuss a case, and then studying independently the rest of the time. I am looking forward to learning in a way that seems to be a better fit with the way my mind works.
  • My goal is to become a family practitioner who specializes in maternity care and natural birth. I have contacted a couple doulas and midwives in the Erie area who are willing to let me shadow them (or in the case of doula-ing actually help since I've taken a doula course) while I am in Erie. My hope is that I will eventually work to improve the U.S. maternity care system by facilitating discussion and collaboration between doctors, midwives, and other health care providers. I want to be a doctor who supports home birth and free-standing birth clinics, especially in rural areas.
  • I will be home to celebrate my papa's 80th birthday in June and my sister's 30th birthday in August!
  • I will not be here to celebrate Cara's 30th and Hadley's 1st birthday in September or Grayden's Kung Fu Panda party in November. :(
  • I will get to hang out with Statia and baby.
  • And Tricia! And EMMH!
  • I will not get to hang out with my Melissa.
  • I will be surrounded by my family! And get to eat Sunday dinners at gramma's!
  • I will deeply miss my church family. And the great teaching at soma. :(
  • Erie summers. The peninsula. :)
  • No Washington summers. Will miss my mountain. :(
  • Will also miss this mountain.
  • Cheapest beer ever! :)
  • No more Broho. :(
  • Getting to know my niece and nephews all over again. :)
The list goes on... I really am excited for this new step, but I'm definitely grieving. Already. Silly things make me cry. Like flocks of birds flying in a crisp v-shape. yep.